Nemetschek Scia would like to offer you the opportunity to personally and directly contribute to the future evolution of your engineering software. Under the name 'IQ Platform', Scia launches a new community where Scia users can give their input and affect upcoming software developments.

So, why did we choose for the name IQ? Well the illustration is self-explaining.
We will Involve our users for the Improvement and Innovation of Scia software, such as Scia Engineer.
This will be done by means of Queries and Questions during meetings and via surveys, in order to obtain Quality software that labels '100% Customer Satisfaction'. The IQ Platform unites users who can be asked, without any obligation of course, for their opinion and suggestions regarding new developments. The IQ members may give their engineering feedback by survey, telephone, conference call and via our Scia blog depending on their own preference, time and availability.

Dear %PERS_NAME%, your personal involvement is of great importance to us, yet we would not want to take up too much of your time. To minimize your effort and maximize the outcome, we kindly invite you to subscribe to the IQ Platform community where you can indicate your fields of interest on the one hand and in what way you would be able to contribute on the other.

Please follow this link: IQ Platform Subscription Form.

Your involvement will result in your ideal software.

We are looking forward to your cooperation and would like to thank you in advance for your input.

With kind regards,

Astrid Bastiaens
Product Engineer


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IQ Platform