Dear Scia Customer,

As you know the success of your company’s website very often depends on how good it is found on other websites and how well it is positioned in search engines like Google, MSN Live Search, Yahoo and others.

One way of driving traffic to your site, getting a higher page ranking and increasing the visitors by the thousands is to increase your back-link popularity by correctly trading web links with important partners that are operating in the same field.

This is the reason why Nemetschek Scia sends you this email and offers your company the possibility to have a dedicated personalised page on the Scia website.
In return we just ask you to put a short devoted paragraph about Scia on your website, linking to us.

To facilitate this link trade we have set up a link exchange form on our website.
Here you can find some examples of such paragraphs in different languages, as well as an upload form for your company details, some pictures and / or some illustrations.
This is the address:

We already have many customers with such a special page on our website and you can browse through them here:

We kindly invite you to participate in this trade. After your submission and after having done the evaluation from our part, the page will be published on our website and you will be informed accordingly.
At the same time the link to us on your website has to be activated.

This really is a win-win operation for both you and Scia and only takes minor efforts.

Kind Regards and I hope to see your request very soon.


Francis Vanderbruggen
Marketing Manager


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