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December 2005 


The best reason to
get your upgrade is the opportunity to significantly improve your work processes as well as the accuracy of your results.

But consider these additional benefits that come standard with Mathcad 13:

1. New program debugging capabilities

2. Improved 2D plotting and graphics

3. New Autosave option

4. Enhanced math algorithms

5. New support for non-linear units

6. New explicit calculations

7. Enhanced editing features

8. New advanced math functions

9. Enhanced linear algebra

10. Enhanced unit error messages

11. Powerful, expanded equation tracing

12. Improved backwards compatibility

13. Capability to exchange data in XML

Plus so much more!

Call +32 (0) 13 55 17 75, click here now to
purchase online or send us your own company order form.


Dear Mathcad Customer,

Read this letter very carefully as this may be your last chance to upgrade your old Mathcad software. There are some very good reasons why you should consider upgrading to Mathcad 13 today.

To continually provide it's customers with the latest industry-leading solutions, Mathsoft periodically retires older product versions. By doing so, they can focus more resources on enhancing their products to meet new market demands and support the latest technological innovations. Ultimately, this enables them and us to provide you with the best calculation tool in the industry.

However this also means that:

  • As of September 2005, only the current version 13 of Mathcad and the previous release 12 are being supported and no further fixes to any older Mathcad versions are planned.

  • As of 1st January 2006, upgrade pricing for Mathcad 8 or older will no longer be available.
We strongly encourage you to move up to Mathcad 13 today while upgrade pricing is still available for Mathcad 8 or even older versions like 7, 6, 5, ... Order before 31st December 2005 and you'll pay just 345 € excl. VAT.

Just see for yourself how much you can save if you upgrade today rather than next year or later:

Upgrade to From This year 2005 Next Year 2006 Savings
Mathcad 13 Mathcad 8 or older 345 € 995 € > 65 %

If you were to purchase Mathcad software for the first time today, it would cost 995 € excl. VAT for all of the tools and productivity enhancements included with this upgrade. Of course you can still upgrade your Mathcad 2000 or younger releases for a fraction of the price!

  • If you own Mathcad 11 or 12 you'll pay just 265 € excl. VAT to upgrade!
  • If you own Mathcad 2000, 2001 or 2001i you'll pay 345 € excl. VAT to upgrade!


Click here to order online. You can also send us your own company order form by
Fax on +32 (0) 13 55 41 75, or call +32 (0) 13 55 17 75.

Don't hesitate as this offer expires soon!

Warm Regards,

Francis Vanderbruggen
Scientific Software Department


** Please contact us for academic upgrade prices or visit our academic upgrade store.

This offer may only be used once and is strictly nontransferable and expires on December 31th 2005.

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