GEO5: geotechnical software for cantilever walls, slope stability,
FEM and more... February 16 at 10h30


The first webinar of this year we would like to introduce you to the geotechnical software GEO5, the new solution for geotechnics offered by Scia. This geotechnical software is a simple and powerful tool for the solution of a wide range of geotechnical problems. The programs are based on traditional analytical methods and the Finite Element Method (FEM).

During this webinar all the programs will be introduced in an overview and a few of them will be shown more in detail:

Slope Stability

The program solves slope stability problems assuming either circular or polygonal slips including an automatic search for the most critical surface.

Cantilever Wall

The program is used to verify cantilever wall design. It offers a number of wall shapes and checks reinforced concrete cross sections.


This program allows the user to precisely model the behavior of soils and structures. In that way, it can solve problems which cannot be solved by standard analytical methods like the design of underground tunnels, water flow analysis, time dependent settlement analysis, etc.

Slope Stability Cantilever Wall FEM


This online presentation will last approximately one hour and will be held on February 16 at 10h30.

Register soon to participate! The number of participants is limited.

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