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Dear Scia Engineer User,


We would like to inform you about our beta testing programme to support our updated and revised Scia Engineer solutions:

  • Reinforced concrete design & checks (EN 1992-1-1)
  • Composite floor analysis & Composite beam checks (EN 1994-1-1 & AISC 360-10)

Big steps have been taken into the development of these projects. And now, we want to involve you as a future user by collecting your valuable feedback. Your input will steer further improvements and better alignment with the daily practice, before the actual release.

  Scia Engineer

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Wednesday June 4th @ 2 pm

Reinforced concrete

Design & checking of 1D members (EN 1992-1-1)
Design groups


Friday June 6th @ 2 pm

Composite steel & concrete structures

Composite floor analysismodel
Composite beam check ( EN 1994-1-1 & AISC 360-10)


These webinars include a live demonstration of the new features (i.e. current status of development), as well as an overview of the planned extensions and improvements. You will also be informed about what it means to be a beta tester and how you can sign up as beta tester.


Kind regards,

The Scia Engineer Product Departement.



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