Nemetschek Scia invites you
to the online presentation of the new release of Scia Engineer 2012!

Dear Scia Engineer user,

We invite you and your colleagues to subscribe to our online campaign for Scia Engineer 2012. You can discover the new features, at your pace and when it suits you via PC, Mac or tablet. You'll also get the chance to win the new iPad.

What to expect?
Via this website we want to inform you about our Scia Engineer software in all its facets and to bring you up-to-date with the latest functionalities. You will also have access to technical articles, prepared by our development staff and support tips with frequently asked questions from our support department. In addition, this online release campaign provides the opportunity to communicate with your contacts at Scia and international colleagues at other companies.

Win the new iPad!
Register today at www.sciaengineer2012.com and try your chance to win the new iPad.

What to do?
Very simple. Through www.sciaengineer2012.com, you and your colleagues can subscribe to our release campaign website, without any obligation. After registration, you can immediately participate in the contest. Once the technical information is made available, you will receive an email to offer you, as maintenance customer, access to all online documentation.


Scia Engineer




Yours sincerely,

The Nemetschek Scia team


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