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Free Structural Analysis software for all Professors and their Students

Dear Educator,

As a professor one of your main challenges is to introduce your students to the most recent and exemplary technology within structural engineering. ICT nowadays is indispensable in the construction industry and Scia has been playing a major part inspiring thousands of structural engineers to constantly move their limits.

Today, Nemetschek Scia is offering you a helping hand in this task towards your students. We are happy to allow every student and professor to download a completely free of charge copy of Scia Engineer.

Scia Engineer is a powerful open software platform empowering structural engineers to model, analyse, design, draw or document any kind of structure. Our academic edition is not limited or reduced in any way; it comes fully loaded, with all the design and analysis BIM tools bringing your students and yourself the power to lift 3D designs to a new level. Scia Engineer is considered the most complete and reliable software for the Eurocodes and its National Annexes on the market. And because of our very large installed customer base in many countries all over the world, your students will take the step into the professional world more easily and smoothly.

At present, we have several thousands of registered students who are already applying Scia Engineer for their studies. We invite you to encourage your students to join our daily growing student community.


Free Structural Analysis software for all Professors and their Students


What other advantages can you and your students expect?

  • Scia Engineer is the ideal tool to be used during the student's thesis or master program. Every year we provide a list of thesis subjects.
    A list that we gladly share with you.
  • Your students can use Scia Engineer to easily verify any structural calculation made by hand.
    Even more, any structural behaviour can be studied in detail within Scia Engineer.
  • Scia Engineer is an all-in-one platform enabling steel, concrete, dynamics, seismic ... or any other calculation in one sole software environment, according to the latest standards.
  • Free access to our Scia Engineer online eLearning system (elearning.scia-online.com).
  • Access to a dedicated forum for Professors and Students where ideas and materials can be exchanged (www.scia-online.com/forum).
Join us and download your free Scia Engineer for Students and Professors today. A download form, installation guide, manuals, tutorials and theoretical backgrounds documents including the implementation of the Eurocodes with the National Annexes ... and much more information is available on www.scia-campus.com.

Kind regards,

Nemetschek Scia Campus Team


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