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December 2006  



Dear eNews reader,

On the threshold of 2007 you receive an extra edition of the SCIA eNews, obviously with a very good reason: in 2007 the introduction of the Eurocodes will become more concrete
The Eurocodes: everybody has a lot to say about it; it is however not very clear to what extent it really occupies the construction world. Will they imply really big changes or won’t they shift the scenery that much?

SCIA is currently conducting an international survey regarding the general knowledge of professionals with regards to the Eurocodes. This survey aims toprovide an international perspective of the current perception and use of the Eurocodes in organisations such as yours. We would therefore appreciate your opinion and would ask youto take no more than 3 minutes to fill in this short online questionnaire.

The results of this survey will be publicized by SCIA itself and through a media campaign. However, if you wish us to personally communicate the results to you, please fill in your e-mail address in the survey form.

Thanking you in advance for your collaboration and for now we wish you
"Happy Holidays"!

The SCIA Team

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